Lets Keep It Simple...

At Innovative Aviation Solutions International, our main priority is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to have access to their needs regardless of their geographic location. We understand that international trade can be confusing for both customers and sellers. The fact that most trading companies don't have enough knowledge about their products, creates confusion for sellers and buyers. Innovative Aviation Solutions International is specialized in aviation industry and by taking advantage of our knowledgable staff and partners, we will deliver your aviation needs to your door at lowest possible prices using the most convenient methods.

Freight Forwarding  

We take advantage of different methods of freight forwarding that gives our customers the option to choose the most convenient method to satisfy their needs. 

  • Full Service Shipping Method (CIF): We can simply deliver your orders to your door using our progressive freight forwarding system. This is our most famous shipping method which will provide you with services such as shipping,  custom clearance, freight insurance and port to door delivery at the destination.
  • EX-Works: In addition to our CIF service we also can provide EX-Works service which means we can deliver your order to any freight forwarder you work with in the US.
  • Customized Shipping Method: We understand that some of our customers find it more convenient to use their own connections for picking up their orders at the port or clear the products off the destination customs. We offer customized shipping method that allows our customers to choose any portion of our freight forwarding service that answers their specific needs.

 Funds Transfer 

In international trade world, it could be too complicated for both parties to earn each other's trust when they are located in whole different regions with different banking systems. We are trying to offer our customers the easiest, safest and most convenient way of money transfer used in international trade system.

  • Transferable Letter of Credit (LOC): Opening a LOC is the easiest way that we can transfer the money around the world without any hassle. We ask for transferable letter of credit which makes the purchase process a lot faster for us.
  • 100% Pre-payment: We also offer 100% pre-payment option which makes the process much faster than applying for a LOC, depending on order's value.
  • Customized Payment Method:   In addition to the options above, we will make special consideration to arrange customized payments depending on order value and customer's history.

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